Guaranteed Response Times

When a client raises a support issue with DevTech, DevTech Support team promises to respond in a timely fashion. 

Response Times 

Guaranteed response times depend on the priority of the item(s) affected and the severity of the issue. Following is table that demonstrates DevTech Response/Severity Matrix:

Respond Within

Response times are measured from the moment the client submits a support request via DevTech online support system.

Response times apply during standard work hours (9am - 5pm CET) only, unless the contract between the client and DevTech specifically includes pout of hours support.

Resolution Times 

DevTech will always endeavor to resolve problems as swiftly as possible. However, DevTech cannot always provide guaranteed resolution times. This is because the nature and causes of problems can vary enormously. 

In all cases, DevTech will make it's best efforts to resolve problems as quickly as possible. DevTech will also provide frequent progress reports to client through support tickets opened for this purpose. 

Note: Clients and Partners who have signed an SLA Agreement with DevTech can rely on Resolution Times defined in each such agreement. 

Severity Levels

  • Urgent: Complete degradation, all users and critical functions affected and unable to use the primary services. Item or service completely unavailable. Business processes affected and cannot be proceeded with.
  • High: Significant degradation - large number of users or critical function affected. Business processes affected and cannot be proceeded with.
  • Medium: Limited degradation - limited number of users or functions affected. Business processes can continue. 
  • Low: Small degradation - few users or one user affected. Business processes can continue.